Bhavini & David, part 7

The grande finale of the epic three-day, 2,500 photo, celebratory event of awesomeness! :)   Poke around the blog for parts 1-6 if you missed it, or see all of the photos here.   Part 7, the reception after the American ceremony, is here:

Bhavini & David, part 6

The American ceremony and some photos after  :)    The last part will be the reception, and I’ll post that tomorrow!  You can poke around the blog for parts 1-5, or see them all here in my store.

Bhavini & David, part 5

Here are some photos we did between the Indian ceremony (Sat. morning) and the American ceremony (that night).   You can see all of the galleries in my store.

Bhavini & David, part 4

Part 4 of 6 or 7?  Whew!  Here is the Indian ceremony, which was Saturday morning (the third day).  See the entire event here in my store, or scroll around the blog for other parts.

Bhavini & David, part 2

Check yesterday’s post for part 1: Mendhi night.  Here is the next morning, with bridal ceremonies with many relatives flying in from India.  I felt like I was in Mumbai… a few hundred years ago.   You can see the entire wedding here.

Bhavini & David, part 1

It was a 3-day event :)  Here’s part 1:  Mendhi night, bridal henna, dancing, food…  You can see them all here, or wait until tomorrow for the next blog post.

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