Amber and Kaiti

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Amber and Kaiti

Sunday night was the inaugural, maiden voyage, grand opening of the home studio I mentioned a while back.  It was so great to finally fire up the lights and get some shots in here :)  I was motivated to start up the isolated-on-white setup after reading Zack Arias’ tutorial, and haven’t had a studio in over a decade.

The models are Amber and Kaiti, from the porch shoot with Anne Adducci. They want to do more modeling, and needed some photos to start their portfolio – so it was a bit of practice for both of us.  They did great though!  Here are my favs:

Just turned the lights on to check  –  We’re warming up…Hair is always fun:I was using a medium softbox overhead, and a big reflector below, to get this ‘beauty treatment’ light. It’s a big, soft light and the reflector gets some light back up into the eyes and under the chin.  You can see the catchlight from the softbox in Amber’s eye.  It’s only 2 or 3′ from her face.

I love these in B+W

Well, here is some info in case some of you are curious (I always am).   You can check the link at the top for the ‘studio’ setup – it’s a custom job in a really really small space. I’m shooting with the Canon 5DmkII, 70-200 2.8L IS, one Alien Bee 800 at about 1/3 power in a medium Litedome softbox, big 5-in1 reflector (silver and gold, mostly), two 580exII speedlight flashes, all three lights triggered with CyberSync wireless triggers.   I tried shooting into a big Wescott umbrella, but liked the directionality of the softbox a little better.

What’s great about this light is that I did zero post-production!  They nearly came out of the camera like this.  Only minor tweaks in RAW along with cropping.   OK, I did clone out one stray hair and a knee-surgery scar on one shot…but no “retouching” and smoothing the skin all over.

Settings were usually f9 or f10, iso 100-200, shutter at 1/200.   Adjustments made from checking the LCD :)   and I think I slid the AB800 between 1/4 and 1/2.  After a while (2 hours??) one of my 580’s starting not-firing consistently.   I chalked it up to the batteries (lithium AAs, the best I could find) and recycle time — although the ready light was good, so I dunno.

Sometime in the next few weeks I’ll get to use the space again.  The regional makeup artist for Esteé Lauder needs to create a new portfolio, so we’ll be doing a shoot or two for that.   I also hope to shoot some iStock material with Amber and Kaiti (students, education, friends, etc. themes).

Stay tuned,

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