Product samples

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Product samples

As I’m working on building my first wedding gift registry page, I found I still needed some photos of my product samples.   The gift registry is almost ready, but first I thought I would put these up separately–as they won’t all get in the gift registry.  Once I personalize some of the sustainable packaging from Loktah this year (Bride and Groom names!), I’ll add some photos of those (You can see the 4×6 box has my own logo for now) so stay tuned…  These I already have around, and show wedding clients when we meet, but I’ve needed some photos for the website for a while.   Drool away:

Box of 4×6″ lustre prints from my pro lab (shown: complete wedding set), with sustainable eco-packaging made in the USA:
Professional lab prints from wallet size to 30×40″, in lustre or metallic, satisfaction guaranteed:20×30″ canvas wrap piece ready for the wall, the standard size in my wedding packages:The ever popular metal print, also in 20×30″:The upgraded version of the 10×10″ wedding album, from Forbeyon.  Dual leather and matching bag, with an embedded metal print in the cover:An 8×8″ hardcover option from KISS:The also popular and super-cute 4×4″ mini albums from KISS:This is my new standard album from Madera, a 10×10″ leather beauty with embossing and a cover photo:

These are 10×20″ archival quality photographs of course, not your press-printed Barnes-and-Noble pages!Look at how flat they open!  The gutter is so tiny, I love it:

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