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So much good stuff going on, I had to throw up a post with some links and whatnot!  :)

Getting more into fashion photography, I came across a link to a good photog. in Indy: Polina Osherov.   How come all the good fashion photogs are Russian??  :P  Seriously, it’s in their blood or something.

Zack Arias is right up my alley.  He hosts a free CreativeLive class next weekend;  put it on your calendar and tune in!

David duChemin writes and blogs and photographs and talks.   I recommend his book “Vision Mongers”.  His latest post was on risk/fear and was especially good.

My Facebook page reached 500 ‘likes’/fans.  Keep it going  :))  Invite a friend or two.   I also started an ‘Ask Me Anything’ profile on Formspring.  Try me.

Some great surfing photos while spring is MIA.

It’s been so cold here, even in mid April, that we’re all sick of winter and cold and clouds  :(   I will keep posting spring/summer photos until we get it in real life!  This week, a bowl of homegrown strawberries from last summer:

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