resources for my 1:1 photography lessons

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resources for my 1:1 photography lessons

A while back I posted about a new $150/yr. mentoring/learning program for students and anyone who wanted to learn or get experience — which could be business mentoring, basic SLR camera instruction, lighting lessons, anything.  A critical piece, in my mind, for the developing photographer is learning from lots of people through a variety of methods about a variety of things. Lafayette, IN, photography classes and lessons

So here is the ever-growing list of the educational materials available for loan (at no addt’l cost) through my program:


  • Hot Shoe Diaries, Joe McNally: all about lighting with Speedlights ($25 value)
  • The Moment it Clicks,  Joe McNally: writeups on a ton of his great photos, with lighting and other descriptions ($35 value)
  • Sketching Light,  Joe Mcnally’s latest book (over 400 pages) of incredible photos, lighting diagrams, and humorous anecdotes behind his experiences ($40 value)
  • Vision Mongers,  David DuChemin:  a great book about merging craft+commerce (art+business, without simply compromising, etc.) ($35 value)
  • Within the Frame, David DuChemin: about executing your vision, not obsessing over technical stuff.  From the humanitarian photographer’s perspective ($35 value)
  • Vision & Voice, David DuChemin:
  • Photographically Speaking, David DuChemin.
  • Road To Seeing, Dan Winters:  one of the best portrait photographers of our time.
  • 50 Portraits, Gregory Heisler:  also one of the best portrait and editorial photographers of our time!
  • Photographing Shadow And Light, Joey L.: good insight to his lighting setups, but also how he ‘makes it happen’ and works with clients and projects ($20 value)
  • Photography Q+A: Real Questions, Real Answers, Zack Arias.   All the goodies (with photos) from his popular tumblr blog by the same name. ($20 value).
  • Light science & magic, 4th edition.  Ins and outs of specialty lighting, like glass, metal, etc.
  • Speedliter’s Handbook, Syl Arena:  everything you could ever want to know about Canon speedlites.  Technical approach.  ($30 value)
  • Fast Track Photographer, Dane Sanders: a modern day approach to planning your business, image, and marketing/branding in photography ($30 value)
  • Walker Evans (biography), James R. Mellow: one of my favorite photographers from the Depression-era ($25 value)


  • Foundations of a Working Photographer, a 3-day workshop in with Zack Arias. Everyone should start here!  ($150 value)
  • OneLight the classic intro to off-camera flash and lighting by Zack Arias.  ($150 value)
  • Dave Hill: behind the scenes at various shoots
  • Joe McNally: one of his lighting tutorials on using small flashes


  • Annie Leibovitz At Work,  Annie Leibovitz:  a glimpse into the thoughts and processes behind one of our most famous modern photographers ($40 value).
  • ANY selection from Craft&Vision, topical and essay-length, these focus on one aspect of photography. I have at least a dozen.  ($5-$10 each).  If I don’t have the one you want, I’ll buy it  :)
  • Food Styling for Photographers, Linda Bellingham:  over 270 pages of detailed info from one of the experts! ($30 value)


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