Roadtrip, Day 1

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Roadtrip, Day 1

Here is Day 1 of 3 and video 1 of 3, of our epic drive from IN to Colorado using the GoPro camera.  My first day with it was definitely a learning curve — especially since I changed the mount and batteries and settings while driving!   It’s a little choppy, but it was a first attempt.  Stay tuned for Day 2 and 3, which are a little better  :)

The music will be 3 new tracks from Haviland, a side-project of Aaron Espe with Michael Ayars.

Day 1 was Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri…ending in our drive back through the country to my parent’s house in Barnhart, MO.


  1. 1. Nice angle at 2:11

    2. The girls better not be listening to BEP.

    3. Glad you didn’t hit that dog.

  2. 1. thanks – just took it out of case and sat it in front of speedometer
    2. of course not!
    3. I removed that frame

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