Selena Norris: fashion

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Selena Norris: fashion

UPDATE AUG. 2, 2010:  Selena got the technical design position at Abercrombie!! :)  So happy for her and glad that my photos had a small part in it (they said she had great photography at her interview).

Selena Norris is not related to Chuck Norris. Just FYI.  She is a senior at Purdue in the Apparel Design program. They recently had their annual fashion show, and I had talked with her about shooting the show. That didn’t quite work out this year, but we were able to get her a separate shoot with photos and video, though, and they turned out great.  It was really chilly (my fingers didn’t thaw until later Sunday!) and a little windy that morning, but the models were committed to it and Selena gave them great direction.

We also did some  HD video of them working that alley like a runway, which I’ll edit and post in the next week or two, hopefully.

Selena has an interview with Abercrombie+Fitch’s ‘technical design’ dept. on Wed. (good luck!) so in less than 24 hours I shot, edited, processed and had ready to deliver 104 of the best images. I like to try to be a superhero like that sometimes.  :)

Here is the full gallery. Below is a sample of her collection,  ‘From Ashes to Eden’

Tech:  the light at this end of the alley was almost good enough by itself – esp. earlier in the morning (ambient light came into the end and lit the subject against the dark of the rest of the alley), but to make it ‘pop’ we fired one 580ex speedlight (off left) with the wide panel, turned down 1 stop.  The wind was natural, not a fan  :)  I was using the 5Dii, handheld, with the 24-105L/IS at f5, 1/200th shutter (for ETTL sync),  and I think the ISO was 800 but I forget now.  A few behind the scenes photos are in this Facebook album.

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